For many heavy towing truckers out there, staying fit and healthy isn’t always the easiest of tasks. You’re bogged down by deadlines, and as such, you have to drive and drive and drive to make it to those drops. As such, it can be easy to cut a few corners and end up in a wreck that requires semi truck towing from Truck Wreckers near Caroline Virginia. Not only does getting into a wreck further delay your time of unloading your inventory–if your inventory even survived–but it could cause some lethal consequences. To make sure you’re remaining as healthy as you can on the road, try following some of these tips.

a healthy lunch with fruits

Pack Healthy Snacks

First and foremost, we always suggest to reduce an accident, you should always have a snack. Becoming hungry for too long can help you to lose focus. When you’re hungry, you can also become easily irritated and may make decisions that are primarily driven by your hunger than logic. To curb those cravings, you should have snacks readily on hand. However, you shouldn’t pack twinkies, chocolates, potato chips, and other junk food for later consumption. While they may taste good, these food items won’t nourish your body in the way that it needs to be fed. Should the hunger pangs get the best of you, Truck Wreckers near Caroline Virginia is only a call away, however.

You may find yourself on a sugar high which could lead you to make a bad call and then require semi truck towing. Or, worse, the food could make you sleepy while you digest and you could fall asleep–another reason why you might need Truck Wreckers near Caroline Virginia that offers heavy towing to get you out of a ditch. Instead, you should fill a cooler with fruits and vegetables.

Not only is the food good for you, but it’s also packed full of fiber. Since constipation is a common problem for those who drive long distances, leafy foods can help keep you regular. They’re also more filling than processed snacks, so you feel full.

lady trucker taking a break

Take Breaks And Stretch

Inevitably, you’re going to have to take a break to use the bathroom. This should be used as more than just a stop to relieve your bladder, however. Utilize the break for what it is–a break. Take a walk around the area, do some stretching. For those who want to lose a few pounds, even jogging or running is an excellent idea. Your truck is a sturdy piece of machinery, so why not use it to do a few pull-ups?

Your body is going to be stiff after long periods of remaining in the same position for so long. To keep the blood circulating through your body efficiently, breaks and stretching are ideal. It can also give your mind a rest, too. Awareness is key when driving a truck. You have to remain sharp. Because the brain typically becomes unfocused when it’s under-stimulated, your awareness may be suffering more than you realize. That lack of awareness is what causes a visit from Truck Wreckers near Caroline Virginia. Give your brain a rest just as much as your body.


One last aspect of maintaining health on the road is to receive plenty of sleep. Just like stretching and taking breaks, a good amount of sleep can keep your mind alert to your surroundings. In the event that something occurs, however, and you require a tow, call us at 804-448-8804. We’ll help you get back on the road.