Rotator Tow Truck near Hanover Virginia

If you’re in an accident or your truck breaks down, you will need to find a reliable rotator tow truck near Ashland Virginia. Being stranded by the side of the road is frustrating and stressful, but that is where L.L. Carter & Son comes into play. As a family-owned business that’s provided semi truck towing services to the region since 1952, it’s no surprise that we are recognized as one of the most dependable heavy duty tow service companies around. Our large fleet of tow trucks, which includes heavy-duty trucks, can easily come to your aid in Ashland Virginia and elsewhere around the state. As a longtime trucking company, you can be assured that we understand the needs of truck towing and recovery, and we respond to a variety of recovery situations.

What Is A Rotator Tow Truck?

A rotator tow truck near Hanover Virginia is one of the largest and heaviest tow trucks available. It belongs to the family of “boom” trucks, of which there a half-dozen varieties. While some types of heavy-duty tow trucks have fixed booms, others have parts that pivot. The rotator tow truck, which has a crane-like arm, is one of the pivoting varieties. Since the rotator tow truck is one of the strongest and heaviest of all tow trucks, it is frequently used in accidents that involve heavy vehicles, such as tractor trailers and other large trucks. A rotator tow truck is usually called upon to tow vehicles from places they can’t usually get out of, such as a ditch or an embankment. The arm of the rotator tow truck can extend to a height of about 30 feet, and it can rotate 360 degrees, which means it’s better suited than most other tow trucks to handle difficult roadside situations.  With the capacity to lift up to 70 tons, it’s no surprise the rotator tow truck is one of the most trusted recovery vehicles in the heavy duty tow service industry.

As with any type of tow truck, this variety of tractor trailer wrecker has special features that allow it to safely tow vehicles without causing more damage. Some components you’ll find on a rotator tow truck near Ashland Virginia are a towbar, which is paired with heavy rubber mats to allow a truck to be towed by the axle. A series of slings and belts with rubber straps are used to secure the truck or large vehicle when moving it. Slings are used to tow vehicles that have been involved in accidents, or that have one or more wheels missing. However, slings are not used in vehicles with all-wheel drive, as they can damage the vehicle’s drivetrain.

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Common Rotator Tow Truck Services

You can call on a rotator tow truck near Hanover Virginia for a variety of towing needs. One common situation that rotator tow trucks are used for in Mechanicsville Virginia is responding to accidents, especially accidents on highways. The rotator tow truck is specially equipped to pull vehicles out of places that are too difficult or dangerous for smaller tow trucks to access, such as ditches and embankments. Rotator tow trucks are the only variety with the strength and power to lift heavy vehicles. They are especially well-suited for lifting heavy objects at difficult angles, such as vehicles that are turned over on their sides. Because a rotator tow truck near Hanover Virginia can move vehicles quickly, it is also called upon to help out in an accident scene where time is essential to helping injured parties get proper medical care.

Since rotator trucks can safely and securely lift vehicles from their sides, they are also used to pull vehicles off of people when they get trapped. To make them most efficient for fast-moving operations, many rotator tow trucks have a double winch. They also have controls on both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side doors, which allows the driver to quickly and safely control the tow truck. Because rotator tow trucks have the ability to pull large vehicles sideways, they are commonly used to remove trucks during treacherous situations and in bad weather conditions, such as trucks that slide off the road during a snow or ice storm.

Along with helping out at accident scenes, a rotator tow truck near Hanover Virginia is sometimes used to remove obstacles that cause roadblocks and snarl traffic. This makes them valuable during storms, when large trees fall down and need to be cleared quickly, and when other large objects fall on the road and can’t be safely or easily cleared using other types of machinery. There are several kinds of rotator tow trucks, and the different weight class of each one determines the project that it is most suitable for. Based on your truck’s dimensions, we’ll use the most adept rotator tow truck near Ashland Virginia.

Other non-accident related situations where a rotator tow truck near Ashland Virginia comes in handy is removing vehicles that are in violation of road laws. This includes working with local police departments to move vehicles out of the way when they are improperly parked or if they have been impounded. Because rotator trucks have the requisite equipment and can work quickly, they are helpful for both private companies and public use, including law enforcement. Along with being operated by private owners, these types of tow trucks are also used in the military, as they are capable of moving heavy-duty military equipment around.

For lighter towing needs in Ashland Virginia, we use something called a light duty tow truck. Light duty tow trucks are used to tow smaller commercial trucks and vehicles when they are in an accident or break down. The advantage of using a lighter tow truck is that it can reach you quickly. Light duty tow trucks are commonly dispatched when a vehicle needs roadside assistance too, such as fluid replacement, a battery replacement, or a tire change. Tire blow-outs, engine stalls, and battery jump-starts are situations that we’ll commonly see on the road.


If you are stranded on the highway in Mechanicsville Virginia and need a tractor trailer wrecker, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We have the equipment and staff expertise needed to get you and your truck safely to a repair shop or back on the road again.