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If you’re wondering “who can I call for heavy duty towing near me?”, look no further than L.L. Carter. As experts in heavy duty towing and accident recovery, we are the go-to specialists in Hanover Virginia and the surrounding areas for the most complex truck towing needs. From picking up broken down vehicle along the side of the road to freeing your truck from a ditch, our dedicated and professional staff is available around the clock for your semi truck towing needs in Doswell Virginia and elsewhere around the state. In addition to semis, we offer towing services for a variety of other vehicles too, including delivery trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, and other heavyweights. Since there’s no job too big for us to handle, we encourage you to call us the next time your truck needs semi truck towing.

In addition to knowing what a heavy duty tow truck is, it helps to know what heavy duty wreckers are. Heavy duty tow trucks are the largest tow trucks available. They are classified as any tow truck that weighs 23 tons or more and can tow loads in excess of 17,000 pounds. Heavy duty tow trucks can tow a range of vehicles including industrial equipment, containers, and even multiple vehicles. Heavy duty tow trucks have a number of features, including a 25-ton capacity boom lift, which can be either a single or a double lift. They are also required to have a 25-ton winch and a six ton wheel lift. When a large multi-ton vehicle is broken down on the side of the road somewhere or has gone off an embankment or into a ditch, heavy duty towing trucks are the only types of equipment that can be counted upon to fix the situation. Therefore, when you’re searching for heavy duty towing near me that can get the job done, our tow trucks will be there in response. With the assistance of dispatchers in Caroline Virginia and the surrounding areas, we are here to answer your call of “I need reliable heavy duty towing near me.”

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Types of Heavy Duty Towing Services

You can certainly call on us to haul your truck from the side of the road to the nearest repair shop or come fix a flat, but there are many more services that heavy duty towing offers, too. If you’re wondering what services for “heavy duty towing near me” are available, here are services that are commonly offered:

  • Large vehicle recovery
  • Heavy hauling
  • RV towing
  • Tour bus towing
  • Limousine towing
  • Construction towing
  • Long-distance towing
  • Accident recovery
  • Transfers
  • HAZMAT response
  • Spill containment

Of the various services that we offer, one of the most common is accident recovery. In the chaos of an accident, cleaning up vehicles from the scene can easily be forgotten. However, a single accident can tie up traffic for hours. Naturally, accident recovery is essential to keeping the roads around Caroline Virginia safe and moving freely. Therefore, state police and emergency services often contract with a local reputable company who can provide a heavy duty wrecker for top-notch semi truck towing services whenever a major accident happens. To provide further evidence of our accident towing capabilities, we work with the Virginia State Police’s accident recovery team to clean up the scene after an accident. We respond to calls statewide, but we focus our attention primarily in Spotsylvania, Hanover, and Caroline counties.

L.L. Carter is a Heavy Duty Wrecker Ready to Help

Another area that heavy duty towing companies are hired to help with is HAZMAT and spill clean-up. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine on private property if you should clean up chemical spills or if you should call in a professional to handle the task. A spill on a property is bad enough, but add in a truck flipping and/or spilling its hazardous contents on the roadway, and the situation becomes much worse. Therefore, when you’re thinking “I need heavy duty towing near me” to clean up contaminated roadways in Virginia, we should be the first company that you call. As part of the state’s emergency towing assistance operators, we have the skills and experience necessary to get the site of an accident cleaned up properly as quickly as possible.

If you find yourself stranded around Caroline Virginia, call us for long-distance towing services. Long-distance towing is essential for getting your truck to a mechanic that you trust most to perform necessary repairs. The benefit of choosing L.L. Carter for your long-distance towing needs is that we do not charge you a fortune to transport your truck from one point to the next when you tell us “I need to get to top tow yards near me.” In addition to getting a price you want, you can rest assured that your vehicle will travel as safely and efficiently as possible because it is transported in the safest manner possible according to its specific hauling needs.

Are You in Need of Truck Wreckers near Caroline Virginia?

Dealing with a breakdown is never fun, but we are here to make life easier for you. Whether you need to call us at 3:00 AM to fix a flat or your truck has slid off the road and gotten stuck in a ditch, we are here to help you out with efficient, friendly, and professional service. Since we’re a towing company that works with heavy-duty equipment, we understand the special needs and circumstances of truck drivers who extensively travel the state’s and the country’s highways to get products where they need to go. Therefore, we are proud to be on hand to provide assistance whenever disaster strikes and you need help getting your rig back on the road again. Adding to your assurance is the fact that we are Wreckmaster certified. So whenever you have a problem with your truck, regardless of whether it’s simply a dead battery or a major chemical spill, be sure to contact L.L. Carter for your heavy duty towing needs when you’re thinking “I really need good heavy duty towing near me.”

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