Heavy Wrecker near Doswell Virginia

If you’re looking for a heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia, look no further than L.L. Carter & Son. As a 24 hour big rig towing service, we’re your go-to place for quality towing when you need it. We offer towing for all sizes of trucks, including light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. So if you need a semi truck wrecker service for a tractor trailer broken down on I-95 or Route 301 north of Richmond Virginia, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Why Choose An Experienced Towing Company?

Heavy-duty trucks are sturdy and strong. They are designed to travel long distances and carry large loads. While distance and weight are not a problem for these workhorses in Hanover Virginia, they are made with many moving parts to support their towing capacity. Inevitably, the parts break down, which means that you’ll have to hire a semi truck wrecker service or a 24 hour big rig towing service for assistance. An experienced heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia can troubleshoot your truck’s problem and make repairs or tow your truck to a repair shop.

Our Experience

Since the 1950s, L.L. Carter & Son has provided quality truck hauling services in and around Caroline County Virginia. We are a family-owned and operated heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia that has provided emergency towing services for over 50 years to the community. Regardless of whether your truck has four wheels or 18, we will be there to fix a flat or tow you from the side of Interstate 95 when necessary. With intimate experience as a heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia handling trucks of all sizes, there’s no job too big or too small for us to handle.

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Light-Duty And Medium-Duty Trucks

In the United States, a classification system is used to differentiate among trucks of different weights and towing capacities. The lightest of all trucks is called a light-duty truck. A light-duty truck has a maximum weight of up to 8,500 pounds and a towing weight of up to 4,000 pounds. This category includes pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), vans, and smaller commercial trucks. Light-duty trucks are used mostly to transport personal or small business goods from one place to another. Light-duty trucks can be used for highway driving or off-road driving. As with other types of trucks, light-duty trucks have a lower fuel economy than most personal use cars. They are designed primarily for hauling goods rather than people.

Medium-duty trucks have a gross vehicle weight in the range of 19,500 – 33,000 pounds. Medium-duty trucks are used to transport larger and heavier loads than smaller light-weight trucks. Some common trucks in this category are dump trucks, beverage trucks, and small moving company trucks. Most medium-weight trucks fall into the truck classes of 6-7. L.L. Carter & Son, a heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia, services these kinds of trucks.

Heavy-Duty Trucks

Heavy-duty trucks are the largest of all commercial trucks. This class includes 18-wheelers, logging trucks, and construction trucks. A heavy-duty truck may carry a large weight in excess of 80,000 pounds. Most heavy-duty trucks tow loads with the assistance of a trailer, which they are attached to through a coupling joint called a pivot point. This is the most common design for big rigs on the highway, which are the most commonly used heavy trucks for hauling goods and cargo long distances. The broad category of heavy-duty trucks also includes trucks and other equipment used for farming and agriculture. Some types of rescue vehicles, including fire trucks, are also in the category of heavy-duty trucks. Along with commercial heavy-duty trucks, there are also heavy-duty pickup trucks, such as the Chevrolet Silverado 2500, the RAM 3500, and the Ford F-350, which can all tow capacities of 20,000 pounds or more. They are equipped with a diesel engine and complex transmission systems to support their heavy weight load, which often includes transporting construction materials and pulling trailers with livestock or horses around Ashland Virginia.

Heavy-duty trucks are made of certain materials that are designed to give them strength and durability. They are also equipped with technology and safety features to ensure that drivers aren’t stuck with a tractor trailer broken down on the highway. However, things do go wrong, and it’s not uncommon to see older trucks at a heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia. To prevent problems, most manufacturers update their trucks and introduce new models every 5-7 years. They base the designs for the new models on the latest technology features available in the industry, as well as from input from drivers on changes that they’d like to see. To ensure that the truck models will keep their customers happy and away from a semi truck wrecker service, most manufacturers release a prototype before the new model debuts. This gives customers a chance to see and test out a similar model. It also gives truck manufacturers a chance to correct any flaws before the new truck is released for use near Ruther Glen Virginia.

Choosing The Right Tow Truck

There are literally hundreds of trucks to choose from on the market, and there is a reason for that. Trucks are designed and rated to safely handle specific weights and load volumes. If you are looking for the right type of truck, there are many factors to take into consideration.

To ensure you have the right truck for the job (and avoid constant services from a heavy wrecker in Doswell Virginia), some factors to consider are what type of truck body you need, what weight you’ll be towing, and what kind of conditions you’ll be driving in. You may also have been noticing signs that your truck isn’t suited to handle the loads that you’ve been carrying. If you have to replace the brakes often, if a trailer you use swings or fishtails out when you drive, if you’re making repeated trips to pick up supplies, or if your truck slows down a lot when driving up hill, then it’s probably time to move up to a higher towing capacity.

Roadside Assistance for Truckers

Regardless of whether your truck breaks from overuse or you suddenly find your tractor trailer broken down north of Richmond Virginia on a hot day, worry not. You can always call L.L. Carter & Son, a heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia, for help! In addition to towing your truck when it breaks down, we also offer roadside assistance in case you need just a simple repair to start going again. This includes jump-starting a battery, fixing a flat, adding coolant fluid or radiator fluid to the truck, and other fast services that will get you back on the road in no time. In the event that your truck needs more comprehensive repair services at a shop, we can help you get your truck to the closest repair place to be fixed.

Call L.L. Carter & Son for 24/7 Towing

Whether you’re driving a small pickup truck to run errands or you’re hauling freight with a tractor trailer, know that we’re here to be your trusted heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia when you need it. Call us at 804-448-8804 for 24/7 towing.