Skidding in a big rig along roads in Virginia can cause more than financial losses: it can injure you! Tragically, every year skids around the United States produce accidents, disabilities, or even deaths. Truck wreckers near Caroline Virginia see some of the results of these mishaps. Truckers benefit by learning way to minimize the chances of skidding.

Ways to Help Avoid Skidding

L.L. Carter & Son offers careful semi truck towing and hauling services in the Caroline, Hanover, and Doswell areas. We’d like to help everyone keep safe along the road this year. Consider five helpful tip for reducing skidding problems:

1. Never Rush

As you drive or use the brake, try and stay relaxed. Move deliberately, but avoid applying the brakes abruptly. Rapid braking action sometimes causes hydraulic brakes to “lock up” and this situation may contribute to skidding. (Slowing down the vehicle to drive more safely makes far more sense than having to summon truck wreckers near Caroline Virginia to help haul a big rig out of a ditch.)

semi truck tires

2. Keep The Tires in Good Condition

The treads in the tires help furnish traction during slippery roadway conditions. It simply makes sense to inspect the tires regularly, and replace any with heavily worn treads. (Taking this precaution may also help reduce the chances of a flat.)

3. Always Proceed Downhill With Care

Especially in mountainous terrain, heavy towing or carrying full loads sometimes proves challenging. A too rapid descent may even cause poorly secured cargo to shift position. Most trucking experts recommend descending steep gradients at reduced speeds. Drivers need to consider the impact of the truck’s total weight during the descent. If you do lose control of the vehicle while driving downhill (or you experience braking problems), look for “runaway truck” ramps, escape lanes, or truck arrester beds. Many hilly and mountainous roads offer these safety features.

semi truck driving in snow

4. Try And Avoid Driving During Winter Storm Warnings

If the Highway Patrol and weather forecasters recommend remaining off the road due to thick ice and winter storm conditions, do your best to honor this advice. Sometimes spending a few hours taking an alternate route or waiting for driving conditions to improve saves time and money in the long run. Truck wreckers near Caroline Virginia usually discover a high demand for their services when storms create havoc along local roads.

5. Beware Bridges, Overpasses, And Lakeside Conditions During Winter

Sometimes asphalt surfaces near waterways or along elevated overpasses become icy before other types of roadways during cold weather. Patches of ice enable vehicles to skid or even plane out of control. Even if your truck remains responsive to your directions, other vehicles along the road pose a potential driving hazard in this situation. Remember to remain alert and slow down when crossing bridges and overpasses or when driving along the shores of lakes during winter.

Assistance If You Need It: Truck Wreckers Near Caroline Virginia

L.L. Carter & Son supplies valuable heavy towing and semi truck towing services in the Caroline, Doswell, and Hanover areas. If you do encounter problems along the road and need to request the assistance of an experienced, well-equipped towing firm, consider calling us at 804-448-8804 for fast service. We hope you enjoy safe and uninterrupted travels this year!