Distracted driving causes 87% of accidents and is one of the easiest habits for any trucker to fall into. When you are driving late at night and face a stressful work schedule, it is easy to space out. You can get distracted by car drivers coming up behind you and flooding your mirrors with high beams. It can be all too tempting to eat while you drive to save time. Since no one is watching you, what would it hurt to send a quick text message to your wife while you have something important on your mind. We understand why truckers need “heavy duty towing near me” services to get them up and running.

FMCSA Distracted Driving Laws

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has recently combated distracted driving by passing laws that limit communications to hands-free devices. Many truckers have to work with a dispatcher and may be forced to punch in messages. The new rule requires truckers to limit their activity on any device to nothing beyond the single press of a button. When you are driving a tractor trailer, the consequences of an accident are more deadly than any other vehicle on the road. A collision with a big rig is a near-certain death sentence for any Class A or B drivers involved.

truck driver with dispatcher

Other Distractions

Many other distractions come from fatigue, problems at home, and a wandering mind from boredom or lack of sleep. Truck drivers should have their in-cab technology mounted in locations that allow them to keep an eye on the road even for the minimal amount of time they may have to glance at them. It is important that they set any GPS navigation courses before they set off on a trip. Those few moments of inattention early in setting off are where you are most out of sync and liable to crash. Luckily, when you run off the road by that momentary lapse of judgment, “heavy duty towing near me” services are just a phone call away.

gps in truck

Some truck drivers are faced with constant distractions from dispatchers calling them when they are en route. Truckers may feel compelled to keep closer relations with their families by engaging in conversations while on the road. Engaging in conversations can lead to intense thought and derealization about the situations taking place around the trucker. It is important to reserve the use of technology and communications to the bare minimum and never let them take your mind off your professional driving demands. If you do, however, need “truck tire repair near me” services, L.L. Carter & Son want to be the first ones on the scene to help you get out and about.

“Heavy Duty towing near me” and 24 hour truck repair are only a phone call away if you do land yourself in a ditch after falling into those greenhorn habits of distracted driving. Our 24 hour truck repair service has the heavy towing capabilities you need to get back on the job. Heavy towing may be needed by truck drivers at any time due to faulty equipment and even the slightest distraction. It can often be employers themselves at fault in many cases for forcing employees to answer argumentative calls or deal with impossible work schedules.

Before you search for “heavy duty towing near me” or “truck tire repair near me” on your cellphone, contact L.L. Carter & Son. If you are north of Richmond, Virginia, near Hanover, State Route 207, or on I-95, we have the rotator truck you need to get you out of any jam. The quicker that you are able to get back on the road or have your truck repaired, the less likely that you will suffer adverse consequences from a slip-up.