When you have a breakdown on the road, the tow truck becomes the savior of the day. These powerful vehicles lift nearly any car with ease so that you can safely move it to another location. The tow truck has some interesting facts behind its history. Take heavy towing to the next level by learning a few tidbits about the industry. The vehicles will be even more fascinating afterward

1.There’s a Tow-Truck Museum

If you’ve ever been in awe of the almighty tow truck, there’s a museum waiting for you. The International Towing Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee, gives you a clear timeline of heavy towing and its origins. There are exhibits, historical information and even traditions shared with the public at this museum. Heavy duty towing near me may be your fascination, and it’s thoroughly covered at this museum that’s located in the hometown of its inventor, Ernest Holmes.

flat bed truck

2. Five Types of Tow Trucks Exist

Semi-truck towing has come a long way since its inception. Currently, there are five different types of tow vehicles, including:

• Flatbed

• Integrated

• Boom

• Hook and Chain

• Wheel Lift

When you research heavy duty towing near me, the local provider matches your car to an appropriate tow vehicle. There should never be any damage that results from a standard tow service. Your car should roll right along with the tow truck.

3. A Cadillac was the First Tow Truck

Holmes tried out his towing idea on his 1913 Cadillac. It was complete with a pulley-and-crane arrangement. Although it was the first tow truck, it certain couldn’t work as hard as semi-truck towing today. His idea was refined from that point forward. The towing assembly was used on a steam contraption that was more stable than the Cadillac. The best ideas have to start somewhere.

4. 1916 was the Invention Year of Tow Trucks

Holmes didn’t just have a brilliant idea one day for his Cadillac. There was a catalyst involved that made him think about inventing the tow truck. A car had an accident off the side of a road. After eight hours of effort by six men, the car was finally pulled to safety. Holmes came up with the idea of heavy duty towing near me so that only one vehicle and a driver were necessary to move a broken-down vehicle.

truck driver

5. Tow-Truck Drivers are Tough

To become a tow-truck driver today, you need extensive training and a special license. The hours are long and hard, which is similar to technicians working at a 24 hour truck repair facility. If you ever call a tow company, the driver will have the skills that you need for a quick resolution. In many ways, they’re the angels of the roadways when issues arise.

6. There are Tiny and Huge Tow Trucks

You may not realize that the largest tow truck is found in Canada. It can take up several driving lanes, so it’s used for specialized purposes.

In contrast, the smallest tow trucks are actually motorcycles. Referred to as retrievers, these vehicles are designed for dense areas that have a lot of traffic. They can haul small loads to reduce congestion.

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