When you’re driving a big rig on major highways, life will never be boring. You’ll always need to keep your eyes open and stay alert. You need to be safe when you are out on the job. You’re bound to run into trouble from time to time. When that happens, L.L. Carter and Son is your go-to source for a heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia. Whether you’re having engine issues or you’ve hit a patch of bad weather, you need to expect the unexpected. You can also take steps to stay out of trouble. One of the biggest challenges for any driver is dealing with heavy traffic. Know some tips that can help you to make the ride go more smoothly.

Pay Attention to the Space Cushion Around Your Truck

You need to always pay attention to the space around you when you are handling a semi truck. Think of it as your space cushion as you look at the height of your truck and any tunnels that you are passing through. Pay attention to the amount of space between you and the car in front of you. You also need to be aware of the amount of space in front of you when you need to turn. Watch out for the amount of space on each side of your truck. Don’t forget to think about the amount of space behind you as well. Even the space between the bottom of your truck and the surface you are driving on needs to be accounted for as you are driving. Think about potholes, any precipitation that has accumulated on the road, debris, and gravel. Problems with ground clearance could force you to pull over and call for a Heavy Wrecker near Doswell Virginia. L.L. Carter and Son can handle the job.

semi truck in traffic

Don’t Let an Accident Get the Best of You

As you run into heavy traffic, you will need to be even more aware of how much room you have between yourself and other vehicles. Get too close and you open yourself up to the possibility of an accident. Even when you are being as cautious as possible, accidents can still happen. It may be no fault of your own when someone else drives too close to your semi. L.L. Carter and Son is here for you when you need semi truck towing to pull you out of a tough spot.

Budget Your Time Wisely

Know your route when you are getting ready to get on the road. Plot out your trip on a map or your GPS. Think about how long your trip will take in optimal conditions and budget in extra time to account for the unexpected. Be aware of times when you are going to be facing the heaviest congestion. If you need to run a route during rush hour, you know it’s going to be busy. Don’t get frustrated by the amount of time you are on the road. Be patient as you work your way toward your destination. You may pride yourself on arriving promptly, but it is even more important to be safe. If you break down in the middle of a congested highway and need heavy towing, L.L. Carter and Son can send a heavy wrecker near Doswell Virginia to get your truck off the road.

Watch Your Speed and Pay Attention to Stopping Distance

When you’re driving through heavy traffic, remember to always keep an eye on your speed. You need to stay safely within the speed limit as you travel with the flow of traffic. If you need to slow down to adjust for the weight of your load, move to the slow lane of traffic. Expect more congestion from the on and off ramps. Watch your stopping distance. It’s going to take you longer to slow down than a passenger vehicle. The best thing you can do is try to anticipate what is going to happen ahead of you so you will be prepared. Always be cautious.


Know Who to Call When You Need a Heavy Wrecker near Doswell Virginia

You need someone you can count on for semi truck towing when things don’t go your way. If you are looking for a reliable company for heavy towing, look no farther than L.L. Carter and Son at 804-448-8804.