Driving always has its risks, especially when you are driving a semi-truck. You can do as much as you can to keep from getting into accidents, but sometimes things end up getting out of your hands, especially on a busy day. So before you end up needing a Heavy Wrecker near Doswell Virginia because you got into an accident or because you did not have enough gas, be extra careful and attentive on these days.

The Most Dangerous Days to Drive

  1. Fourth of July: The most patriotic day of the year is also one of the most dangerous days to be on the road. The amount of cars on the road that day is insane. In addition, people are either going to a popular place for fireworks or have been drinking. So the speeding and the alcohol do not mix well.
  2. Memorial Day or Memorial Day Weekend: Driving during these days is especially dangerous because of the large amount of people that want to get out of town and enjoy their three day holiday. There is so much traffic during this weekend that it’s not even worth getting out of town. But if you happen to break down on the side of the road, L.L. Carter is the best Heavy Wrecker near Doswell Virginia. traffic on highway
  3. The Start of Daylight Savings Time: This one is not about traffic but about fatigue. Either because you lost an hour of sleep and are not attentive enough or because you overslept and are rushing to get to work. Be sure to get plenty of sleep on this day and stay alert of other drivers!
  4. Black Friday: Rushing to get the best deal on a TV might end up costing you a lot! On this day, consumers flock to malls and department stores for the best deals and end frazzled and overwhelmed. This reflects on their driving and parking abilities.
  5. New Year’s Day/New Year’s Eve: We all know about this one, and that’s why police officers are out in full force this day. When celebrating the new year, some people take it too far by drinking and getting behind the wheel. If you suspect that there is a drunk driver on the road, stay away and call the cops.

driving with alcohol

Always be attentive when you drive, especially on these days. But if you have a truck breakdown and are in need of a Heavy Wrecker near Doswell Virginia, call L.L. Carter & So at 804-448-8804 for 24/7 towing.

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