Imagine this scenario, you pick up your trailer from a drop yard, there is a package which needs to be delivered in the next four hours. Because you are a careful driver, you walk around the truck and kick the legs a little bit, just to make sure that all the tires are well inflated. With a kick of the foot, it is close to impossible to actually tell if you have a slow puncture going on, but you drive off anyway. A couple of a hundred miles down the highway, the tire that was deflating slowly bursts. You are lucky enough to control the truck and come to a halt, but you spend two hours getting Heavy Duty Towing near me and ultimately your delivery is late.

Well, these are the kinds of things that happen to drivers who do not take their time to really check and see whether their truck tires are in the best condition. When you have a flat tire, you just need truck tire repair near me and money to fix it, but when you ignore it to the point of getting a complete blowout, you will have to pay several hundred dollars for Heavy Duty Towing near me and the repair. Your role therefore is making sure that a flat tire never leads to complete blowout situations in which case you will need Heavy Duty Towing near me, here is the best way how.

Importance of maintenance

L.L. Carter & Son 24 hour truck repair shops will tell you that it is close to impossible to find a perfectly sealed tire. At any point during the life of the tires that you are using on your vehicle, there will issues such as wounds, slow punctures and the seepage can be as high as 2 percent per week. The best way to make sure that these wounds do not get out of hand, therefore, is making sure that you at least have the tires checked out at least every few days.

checking tire pressure

1. Constantly check the tire pressure

The best way to figure out if your tires are losing too much air because of slow punctures is checking the air pressure before you leave for any trip that will take more than an hour or find truck tire repair near me for for you tires to be checked. If you have a truck that has a tire pressure monitoring system, keep checking the pressure and make sure that you check and change the tires before the warning light comes on.

wheel alignment

2. Rotate the tires regularly

When the tires are not rotated regularly, they end up with a very uneven wear pattern and this is what leads to the wounds, slow punctures and eventually blowouts that will need heavy towing. Every truck has a manual which shows how often your tires need to be rotated. In most manuals, you will find that the tires should be rotated every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

3. Avoid overloading

This is a mistake that is common with people who transport cargo. The fact that you have not reached the maximum recommended load limit for your state does not mean that your tires can constantly take the weight. Ensure that you stay within the maximum load limit that is in your vehicles manual and if possible, stay below it because the moment that you hit a sharp object, that pressure will lead to the blowout and need for Heavy Duty Towing near me.

Other things that you can do to avoid burst tires include avoiding hazards when you are driving. If you know that you will be passing near places where the road is under construction, or there is an active construction site near where you are passing, rethink your route and pass elsewhere. Lastly, in case of a tire burst, always have a heavy towing and 24 hour truck repair you can rely on. If you need towing, call L.L. Carter & Son.