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Uniting Assets and Rightful Owners  

Common Questions

What are unclaimed assets?
Unclaimed assets are cash and property that have become separated from the rightful owner whose whereabouts are not known by the asset holder.

How can I have unclaimed assets?
If you are an heir, a family member died with assets that have not been fully distributed. You -- as a result of your relationship with the deceased -- are due a portion of this money.

Have you moved or changed your name in your lifetime? If so, this might explain your unclaimed money.

Has your company been involved in a merger or ceased to operate all together? These circumstances make it more likely that assets will become separated from their corporate owners.

How did you find me?
We have access to databases, investigators, genealogists and other professionals specially trained to locate people, heirs, relatives, corporations, corporate officers, stockholders and lenders. We continually search for assets, owners and the links between them until we can successfully unite the two.

Who do you work for?
We work for corporations and financial institutions which are original holders of assets. We also conduct our own investigations to identify lost and unclaimed assets.

Where are my funds currently held?
Your unclaimed money could be in the public or private sector.

What is a Limited Power of Attorney?
This is a document that allows us to work on your behalf to recover your assets. It describes the specific actions we can take to recover assets for you.

What is a Fee Agreement?
A Fee Agreement is a document that describes the fee we earn if our asset recovery activities are successful and we recover money for you.

What is a Contingency Fee?
A Contingency Fee is a fee paid only after certain goals are met. In this case, the goal is recovery of your assets.

How long will my recovery take?
The recovery process includes several steps. The entire process is normally completed in 3-6 months for less complicated cases. More complicated cases can take up to 18 months.

How do I get started?
We may have sent documents along with other correspondence. If so, sign these documents and return them. Otherwise, give us a call and we can prepare the appropriate documentation to begin your asset recovery.

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