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Uniting Assets and Rightful Owners  

Heirs & Genealogy
The Search for Family Members

The goal of our genealogy research is to identify eligible heirs, substantiate their entitlement and help recover their inheritance.

Every family has a story and the distribution of assets, after death, is an important part in the final chapter of a family member’s legacy. This final step often requires professional help to locate all eligible heirs.

willWhen a person dies with a will, the will determines the distribution of assets. If the will is very old, locating heirs is more difficult. The information in the will is not current and the whereabouts of heirs may not be known.

When a person dies without a will, state law determines the distribution of assets. In these cases, the transfer of assets is not planned. Nonetheless, heirs have to be identified, located and informed.

We use specialized resources to search and find family members, identify relationships, and locate eligible heirs. It is our goal to find heirs and help them recover what is rightfully theirs.